Auswanderung Vorfahr
August Koth: Sein Leben
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on July 6th, 2008 I participated in a Koth family reunion in Parkston, South Dakota USA. There I have shown a presentation about one of my ancestors:

"August Friedrich Koth and his roots"

You can download my Powerpoint presentation and the manuscript below.


August F. Koth

Powerpoint presentation: 

Koth Presentation.ppt

The Life and Times of Christoph Geiszler
(Author: Edwin Grueneich)
Only by request: see Gaestebuch

I made the digital version in English and translated this book into German.

On other pages of my website there are detailed information regarding my ancestors of the SCHOETTLE family back to the medieval times (in German). There is even a far connection to Barack Obama´s german ancestors.

Prof. Dr. Harald Schoettle